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The telephone system owned by Colgate University is a Cisco VoIP systemVoicemail is available for all employees. Dialing capability to outside telephones (off-campus) depends upon the class of service assigned to each telephone. Because of different requirements, not all telephones have the same capability or class of service. Telephones in public areas are restricted to local use only. Most office telephones may be used for local and long distance calls. Long distance dialing requires a seven-digit access code assigned to each faculty and staff member. If you need help in retrieving or using your access code, contact the ITS Helpline at 315-228-7111.

The telephone system is a Direct Inward Dialing system which allows outside callers to reach campus offices directly by dialing 228 and the four-digit office extension. If individual extensions are not known, the caller may dial 228-1000, the university’s main number, which is answered by an operator who assists the caller or transfers the call to the desired extension. Alternatively, callers may dial 228-7000 to use our “dial by name” service. Outbound calls bypass the switchboard. Calls between campus telephones on the system are dialed directly by using the four-digit extension. A Colgate staff directory of telephone extension numbers is available online at

Questions about telephone service should be directed to the Associate Director of Telecommunications, extension 7352. Problems with a telephone, voicemail, or completing calls should be reported to the ITS Helpline at 315-228-7111. Employees using Colgate telephones for personal calls are expected to reimburse the University when the monthly e-mail statements for each caller are received.


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