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Faculty members in a department usually rely on the assistance of a single departmental administrative assistant, who must try to accommodate the various requests for support services which come from the several members of the department. It is important, therefore, that faculty members plan their work in advance so that the departmental administrative assistant is given adequate time to complete assignments when needed.

The following order of priorities for faculty administrative assistant services is generally accepted:

  1. Course-related work: syllabi, examinations, assignments, requests for books to be placed on reserve, bookstore orders, preparation of course manuals, or collections of readings, etc.
  2. Department business: memoranda, schedules, correspondence, etc.
  3. Committee business: minutes, reports, correspondence related to University committees.
  4. Individual professional correspondence: letters of recommendation, requests for examination copies of books, library book orders, applications for research grants, correspondence concerning professional meetings, etc.
  5. Professional papers, speeches, and other manuscripts, as time permits (see Typing of Professional Manuscripts below).
  6. Business of a professional association, as time permits.

The University cannot provide typing services for personal correspondence, and administrative assistants are not normally responsible for faculty personal mail while on leave.

Since there may be times when a departmental administrative assistant has an overload of top priority work, faculty members who find that their departmental administrative assistant cannot take care of their work within a reasonable period of time should check with their divisional administrative assistant to see if other help is available.

Typing of Professional Manuscripts The procedure to be followed when requesting typing of professional manuscripts is described in the section above on PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES, Section III.K.5.


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