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The Office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations, also known as the Grants Office, is part of the Division of Institutional Advancement. The Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations serves as a liaison between the Division and the Dean’s Office in matters concerning support for academic programs and research. In this capacity, the Director is responsible for the coordination of all grant proposals to foundations, corporations, and state and federal agencies. The office works with faculty members and administrators to identify potential funding sources for projects and programs, to develop and write proposals for building, equipment, and program grants, and to coordinate the submission of institutional proposals. The office disseminates to the faculty information about potential funding sources, maintains a small library of reference works, which faculty members are invited to use, and maintains a website with resources for faculty at Guidelines for preparing grant proposal budgets and for submitting proposals are published annually and are available on the Grants Office website.

The following procedure has been established for submission of all institutional1 grant applications to foundations, corporations, or government agencies: All faculty-initiated proposals must be approved by the department chair, division director, and Dean of the Faculty before they are forwarded to the Grants Office (administrative proposals should be approved by the senior administrator in the individual’s area). A “Grant Application Approval” cover sheet with the signatures of the department chair, division director, and Dean of the Faculty must be attached to the proposal when it is sent to the Grants Office at least 5 business days before the submission deadline. The Grants Office will review the proposal for compliance to University policy, will forward the proposal to the Controller’s Office for review, and will notify the faculty member or administrator submitting the proposal when all approvals and signatures have been obtained. The Grants Office will send copies of the signed cover sheet to all signatories when the application is complete.

The Grants Office is the “Office of Record” for all proposals. The Grants Office keeps on file a copy of the proposal, an acceptance or rejection letter from the grant source, copies of all correspondence pertaining to the proposal, and a copy of all progress and final reports to the grant source. The cooperation of faculty members in forwarding these materials to the Grants Office is vitally important in the administration of every grant. Faculty members are responsible for submitting all performance progress reports and a final report to the grant source. Faculty are also responsible for developing and submitting, with the Controller’s assistance, any financial reports that may be required.

In applying for grants, faculty members must consult the Office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations before preparing the proposal or contacting the grant source to make certain there is no conflict with any other proposal submitted from Colgate.




Institutional grants are defined as those for projects in which (a) Colgate facilities or personnel will be used; (b) there is a provision for indirect costs or matching funds; (c) payment will be made to Colgate rather than directly to the researcher or project director; or (d) the grant source requires the signature (or nomination) of a University official on the proposal. “Institutional” grants include most NSF, NIH, and other federal agency research grants; National Endowment for the Arts project grants; and Summer Stipends of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Most fellowship grants (e.g., Guggenheim, Fulbright, ACLS, NEA Fellowships, and other fellowship programs of the National Endowment for the Humanities) are not “institutional.”


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