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The Purchasing Department (located in the Maintenance Building) is responsible to provide necessary services and programs for ordering all equipment, supplies, and services for the University. As a centralized purchasing operation, the department can obtain equipment and supplies in the most economical and efficient fashion.

Departmental requests for equipment and supplies must be submitted via paper requisition form or electronically via Banner Web to the Purchasing Department and have the approval of the department chair (or other authorized person). Departments or individuals should not attempt to purchase items themselves except for local purchases of less than $500. Vendors must follow certain billing and shipping instructions when dealing with Colgate, and the Purchasing Department is the authorized representative of the institution in such transactions. All requests over $10,000 in estimated value must be bid through the Purchasing Department. The exception is established contracts with vendors that purchasing has negotiated or state contract pricing. It is appropriate to contact purchasing before committing the order to any vendor.

Faculty members should inspect all merchandise as soon as it is received, report any damages or shortages and forward all packing slips to the Purchasing Department as soon as possible. Any delay could void claims against the vendor or freight carrier involved. Faculty should call the Purchasing Department for assistance in all purchasing matters.

The Purchasing Department also disposes of all surplus equipment through the University Salvage Program. Departments that have University owned equipment being replaced or disposed of must notify the Purchasing Department to make arrangements for removal and salvage. Any remaining value will be reclaimed and a transfer of charge created to credit the departmental budget.

All basic office supplies can be ordered directly with the designated vendor of the Colgate University Office Supply Program. All program highlights are available from the Purchasing Department by contacting extension 7474 and requesting information for Office Supply ordering online. Additional information on all the above procedures is available on the Purchasing Department website at

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